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Juliet Balconies

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Balcony has revolutionized the Juliet balconies market. The innovative design of our Juliette Balconies allows a clear view using glass. The Juliet balconies have no vertical posts and are totally unobtrusive - fantastic glass juliet balconies that are easy to fit and available for immediate dispatch.

We manufacture 28 different standard Juliet Balcony models. Handrail options in White, Silver, Bronze and the stainless steel equivalent "Royal Chrome" Visit our Juliette Balconies section.

Juliet Balconies

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Glass Balustrades

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Balcony Systems Solutions Ltd offers you a clean glass balustrade system with minimum uprights and maximum views. Balcony has developed a special finish that matches stainless steel handrails and stainless steel balconies with a very durable anodized finish called "Royal Chrome". The advantages of the Royal Chrome finish to traditional stainless steel handrails is explained in our Better than stainless steel section.

Curved balustrades are now a viable option. From single balustrades to multi apartment developments, Balcony Systems balustrades are specified as the most cost effective and aesthetic balustrade solution. Visit our Glass Balustrades section

Glass Balustrades

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Curved Sliding Patio Doors

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Development of proprietary machinery, computer programs and systems has enabled the company to specialize in the manufacture of curved railings, sliding doors and windows suitable for curved enclosures.

Through unrelenting efforts and its high level of customer service the company has developed into a worldwide supplier of these products

Advance in technology have made curved sliding patio doors readily available and affordable, allowing architects a whole new perspective and many new options.

Visit our Curved Sliding Patio Doors section

Curved Patio Doors


Private Clients, Self Builders and Renovators

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While we are happy to do big-scale new developments, we are also very pleased to handle individual enquiries from home owners and improvers or self-builders.

Whether working through an architect or other professional, or improving your home yourself, we are delighted to help.


Building Contractors, Developers & Professionals

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We work hand in hand with professionals in all aspects of the building trade. From large developments to a single dwelling we can assist in quick estimates, product integration and implementation.

While we are happy to do big-scale new developments, we are also very pleased to handle individual enquiries from Installers, Quantity surveyors, Builders and Developers.

We offer our services nationwide and are always interested in developing long term relationships with trade customers.

We are always looking for new local professionals that we can collaborate with and recommend as potential local installers of our products. You can apply to be a recommended installer by following this link: Recommended installers.


Architects, Specifiers & Consultants

Balcony Systems Solutions Limited offers architects, specifiers and consultants an open library of information on all aspects of our products.

We understand you must be certain of the products you endorse, and that for this you must research our products for aesthetics, technical compatibilities and suitability, and of course for the budget.

Our products, namely our Juliet balconies, glass balustrades and curved sliding patio doors fit the bill in all these ways. They allow you as the building professional the right solution at the right price for your customers. For large projects we are happy to arrange a meeting with one of our technically qualified personnel. He or she will work with your team, provide samples, explain the systems and their many advantages, answer your questions, and help you with all aspects of balustrading, Juliet balconies or curved sliding patio doors.

We work closely with consultants and structural engineers, supply all relevant information on our products, thus enable correct calculations and design.

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Balcony News

  • Glass Balconies 7 years by the Sea

    More than 300 metres of curved and straight glass balustrading with durable anodised aluminium Royal Chrome finish. The glass balconies are enhanced by distinctive curved steels, a design feature that connects with the sea.

  • Eighth year for Balcony at Grand Designs

    Request your free tickets from Balcony Systems, the best glass balustrade manufacturer who's products will save you time and money on your new building project.

  • Glass balustrades enhance eco-homes

    Stylish clear glass balustrades from Balcony Systems were chosen by developer IE Developments to complement the contemporary design of their award-winning new ‘eco’ development on the Herefordshire - Worcestershire border.

  • Trent Park Stunning Glass Balustrades

    Some 1,400 metres of the Balcony 2 System Glass Balustrade (using Balcony Systems' Aerofoil shaped handrail) were specified to create sweeping curved glass balconies on this impressive and prestigious development.

  • Glass Balustrades in Scotland

    Straight and curved glass balustrading from Balcony Systems retains open views overlooking surrounding countryside and complements the contemporary style of this Scottish executive newbuild home.

  • 377 Glass Balconies in London

    Balcony Systems developed a custom glass balustrade solution for 377 balconies. Clear glass balconies are a striking architectural design feature of the landmark Baltimore Wharf development in London’s docklands.

  • Glass Balustrade makes the difference in Scotland

    Balustrading experience at the recently-built luxury holiday home on the exposed West Highland coast in Scotland illustrates why Balcony Systems’ glass balustrades are designed to perform – even in the most extreme locations.

  • Juliette Balcony or Julienne Balcony?

    Should it be called a Julienne Balcony or a Juliette Balcony? The term Juliet Balcony or Juliette Balcony has grown to be a term commonly used for these types of balconies and if we referred to the as Julienne” Balconies no one would know what we were talking about.

  • Balcony End of Year Offer

    Extra discounts and a free upgrade to self-cleaning glass for Christmas Glass Balustrades, Juliet Balconies and Curved Glass Doors orders. Save yourself some money by taking advantage of Balcony end of year offer.

  • Curved Patio Doors in Nottinghamshire

    One of Balcony’s largest curved glass patio doors installed in the UK with four sliding and four fixed doors. The price was right and the door is so dramatic. Curved Patio Doors in Nottinghamshire.


Customer Reviews

  • Excellent after sales service
    rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

    Both end caps of the balustrade system had become badly corroded after 2 years. I, the customer (not the installer), contacted Balcony Syst...

  • Julette Balcony installation
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    The balcony looks fantastic and is great quality. The clean lines really suit my property and seem a lot less prominent than other glass bal...

  • Glass Balustrade review
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    We were looking for a nice and modern enclosure for our small balcony. Balconette's glass balustrade was just what we needed. The balustradi...

  • Glass Balustrade - London
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    We are happy with our new stylish balustrade appearance. Our balcony looks modern, the view through the glass is super clear and creates lig...

  • balcony
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    The Balcony is superb, the company were very helpful and their technical adviser Bernard. The fitter was excellent but would of preferred if...

  • Balconette for loft dormer
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    Fantastic, easy to order, arrived on time with clear instructions and was installed by my builder with no fuss. The building control are hap...

  • Juliet Balconies 2 off
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    I chose your products because I liked the design with the rails & glass panels.The aluminium finish of the rails coordinated with the colour...

  • Patio Balustrade - Balcony 2 with LEDs
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    Our Balcony 2 system looks superb around the edge of our patio. I even managed to fit some colour-changing LED lighting to it - which trans...

  • Juliettes
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    The balconies are just what we wanted, the detailing is good and we like the anodysed finish. We are very pleased with how they look on the ...

  • Battle Balustrade Review
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    We have around 20 meter glass balustrade along the balcony. It is of high quality and looks stunning, admired by all that see it. Top cl...