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Balconette is an established British company with over 18 years of successful trading.  We manufacture high quality, aesthetic and innovative Glass Balustrades and Glass Juliet Balconies for both domestic and commercial clients.

Our offices, and 30,000sq ft. manufacturing facility are located in Surrey, close to Gatwick Airport, from where we supply the UK, the Channel Islands, Europe and many countries across the world.

Our promise to you

Balconette has established itself and expanded successfully over the years, not only due to the high quality of our products but also our reputation for excellent customer relations and service.

We believe that our best ambassadors are our customers and I want to make sure that we add you to this ever-growing list by making certain that you receive the best possible service from us.

In order to meet this expectation, everyone in the company is trained and instructed to give you the best and most caring service possible.

I also promise that if, at any point during your dealings with us, you feel that you are not being serviced professionally, or if a matter is not being resolved to your satisfaction, you will have a direct communication link to my management team to ensure that things get back on track swiftly and that you do get the best possible service.

The link to use for this purpose: 

This email address will reach the Management team of the company and will also be seen by me.

Should you email us, we will either contact you directly to get further data or, if what is required is clear, we will take the necessary action to resolve the issue swiftly.

I trust you will enjoy your experience of purchasing from us and be able to recommend us to your colleagues, family and friends.


Mr. Effi Wolff
Managing Director


Please meet our Management team:

Effi Wolff - Managing Director - Balconette Chris Cavanagh - Business Development Executive - Balconette Anton Pieterse - Operations Manager - Balconette Melanie Trout - Organisation Executive - Balconette
Somya Panda - Quality Manager - Balconette Jonathan Stewart - Production & Logistics Controller - Balconette Oleg Culea - Prodcution Manager - Balconette Julie Eyles - Assitant to Organisation Executive - Balconette
Bill Boulter - Sales Manager - Balconette Jean-Phillip Ramadas - Quality & Customer Care Specialist -Balconette Rachel Du Feu - Finance Executive -Balconette


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