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Frameless Glass Juliet Balconies, where all there is literally, is a sheet of glass, are a highly aesthetic solution for a balcony guarding such as a juliet. And having such a frameless solution is a frequent request among architects, designers and customers.

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We supply our Juliet Balconies in a variety of options already both in standard or custom sizes. We probably have the most popular and most cost effective Glass Juliet balconies in the UK market.

Here at Balcony Systems we listen to our customers, hear what they need and want and then go away and design solutions that make installation easy, or as easy as installation can be.

We have designed a perfect solution for the creation of a Frameless Juliet. Using 21.5mm Laminated and toughened glass panels our system allows a frameless juliet of up to 3.15m (3150mm) in width as one sheet of glass. We now have in stock seven standard sizes that range from 1280mm to 2840mm with a 5 working day turnaround.

Frameless Glass Juliet Balcony Installation

Installation is made easy with our highly aesthetic support profiles that sit on the walls either side allowing tolerances for installation where previously very exact drilling was required for glass with holes. The only downside of the system is the weight of the glass that one must prepare well for when manoeuvring and installing.

The end result is stunning, absolutely zero obstruction from the inside and a beautifully designed system that compliments any building from the outside.



Please check and note the weight and the size of the glass for this of balcony. Please carry out a proper risk assessment and method statement of how to safely install this before starting. Properly planning, enough labour or plant, manuevering space, lifting, access, safe and secure platform etc should be carried out.

frameless glass juliet balcony texhnical drawings
  1. Check the height of the glass and the sizes and heights of the different profiles.
  2. Measure the opening and check the glass width, then mark up the position of the base profiles on the walls.
    (a) External width of base profiles equals Glass width plus 35mm.
    (b) Check that the height will achieve minimum 1100mm from the inside finished floor level.
  3. Check the height and line where the glass will run so there is nothing in the way and the glass will be free to be installed.
  4. Install the first profile on the wall, making sure it is vertically level. The plastic glass support and end cap on the bottom part.
  5. Measure the distance top and bottom to the opposite profile and install it at the correct width gap required for the glass. Make sure it is both vertically level and also aligned height wise to the opposite profile.
  6. Check that all the rubber gaskets are sitting well in their groove on the fixed profiles.
  7. Check that the top end caps are not in place on both sides.
  8. Check the weight of the glass and make sure you are using enough manpower and a safe working platform with enough room to hold the glass comfortably.
  9. Place the glass carefully onto the plastic supports and hold it against the profiles.
  10. Using all the holes and screws, fix the pusher profile onto the fixed profile to hold and clamp the glass in place. Do this on both sides of the glass.
  11. Clip the cover profile onto the pusher profile.
  12. With a small dab of silicone drop the top end cap into place.

Frameless Juliets Drawings and Tech Specs

Choose Juliet balcony width:

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