Aerofoil System Glass Balustrade

A unique shaped handrail that does more with less

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Our Aerofoil system glass balustrade is by far our best seller. The systems unique and aesthetic aerofoil shaped handrail gives both the feeling of sturdiness but also a distinct architectural statement not available with any other handrail on the market. The system allows for 4.0m openings without posts when fixed between walls and when posts are required maximum post spacings of 2.1m. The posts sit behind the glass letting the rail and glass run in front of them. Choose below the number of sections on your balcony for an instant online quote.

glass balustrade system 1 glass balustrade system 2

Curved sections are also available - visit our online quotation page for details

curved balustrade

Aerofoil System Glass Balustrade Sections

glass balustrade section

curved balustrade

How the Hybrid® Aerofoil can end? (Wall fixing or end post):

 Hybrid® Aerofoil System parameters:

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