Aerofoil System Glass Balustrade

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Our Aerofoil system glass balustrade is by far our best seller. The systems unique and aesthetic aerofoil shaped handrail gives both the feeling of sturdiness but also a distinct architectural statement not available with any other handrail on the market. The system allows for 4.0m openings without posts when fixed between walls and when posts are required maximum post spacings of 2.1m. The posts sit behind the glass letting the rail and glass run in front of them. Choose below the number of sections on your balcony for an instant online quote.

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Choose below the number of sections on your balcony for an instant online quote.

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Aerofoil System Glass Balustrade Sections

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How the Hybrid® Aerofoil can end? (Wall fixing or end post):

 Hybrid® Aerofoil System parameters:

Aerofoil System Glass Balustrade Installation

The below is a concise summary of how to install the Aerofoil system glass balustrade. Please download and read the Pdf instructions and watch the installation video prior to installing

  1. Place the Aerofoil system glass balustrade handrail (116mm wide) on the balcony or floor in the correct position to ensure that dimensions fit
  2. Mark lines on the inside and outside of the handrail line for later positioning of bottom track
  3. Mark the handrail position at the correct height - use a level,
  4. On both sides where the handrail fixes to the wall - fix the stainless steel end angle brackets firmly to wall,
  5. Place the handrail onto angle brackets
  6. If the balustrade is large or a shape that will sag, you will need to prop up the handrail until the glass is fitted and siliconed in place - Support the rest of the handrail so does not sag
  7. Drill 4mm holes through brackets into the underside of the handrail
  8. Using the 4.8mm self-tapping screws provided – screw the bracket into the handrail on both sides. Install/fix bottom track, use line made earlier. Ensure aligned with glass slot in handrail above.
  9. If in place - remove glazing beads top and bottom.
  10. Place two spacers for each glass on the bottom rail.
  11. Make sure you know where each glass is positioned.
  12. If required use extra spacers to clear any screw heads on the bottom track.
  13. One at a time place glasses in position each time using the small pieces of glazing beads provided and 3mm rubber gaskets to hold glass temporarily in place.
  14. In this fashion complete all the glasses and have them all in the correct position with temporary glazing beads and rubber ready to be aligned and straightened.
  15. Using the additional spacers provided level out and align all the glasses in such a way that you attain the gaps and spacings desired.
  16. Above the glass panels now place spacers between glass and handrail to ensure handrail is not resting on the glass and to prevent sagging.
  17. With neutral silicone, continuously and completely fill gap between top of glass and underside of handrail.
  18. With neutral silicone, continuously and completely fill gap between bottom of glass and track.
  19. Do not immediately replace the temporary beads with the full length ones
  20. Let the silicone set and dry.
  21. When silicone is completely dry, remove the temporary small glazing beads and rubber gaskets and Replace the full length glazing beads.
  22. Push in the internal 3mm rubber gaskets into handrail and bottom track, between glass and glazing beads, to ease the process you can use soapy water.
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