The Orbit style glass balustrade

Circular profile handrail - a classic design that's always fresh and practical


The Orbit balustrade system uses a circular handrail, with an internal channel and bracing supports for the glass running along the underside. Fixed supports at the ends of the handrail provide strength. 

This provides excellent stability and rigidity, and enables the balustrade to be configured with few, or no, upright support posts.

Horizontal runs of up to 3.3 metres are possible without the need for additional post supports. Even corners do not require upright supports - in fact they extend the maximum horizontal postless run length.

glass balustrade system 1 glass balustrade pretty gardens

Our online design tool here will automatically add any uprights that are required.

The handrail has a 70mm diameter. Upright posts, where required, are usually 55mm circular profiles, but a variety of post options can be used for different areas. These include square newel posts for stairs and privacy screens.

Please visit the Quotes page to design your own balustrade, or call our sales team on 01342 410411

Curved sections are also available - visit our online quotation page for details

curved balustrade

Orbit System Glass Balustrade Sections

glass balustrade section



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