Glass Juliet Balconies that use Handrails

Here at Balconette we manufacture four styles of Glass Juliet Balconies, 3 types that utilise handrails in the design, and one type that is "Frameless"

3 Juliet Balconies types that use Handrails

Frameless Juliet Balconies without Handrails

  • The Frameless Juliet - This Juliet type comprises of a single laminated and toughened glass panel fitted to slick aluminium profile on the outside. the system does not have a handrail and from inside only glass is visible.

    (click here for a small example)

Video below explaining the 4 types and advantages/differences

Some pictures below of the the 4 types

Orbit Juliet:orbit juliet balcony with handrail type

Aerofoil Juliet:Aerofoil juliet balcony with handrail type

Orbit Mirror Juliet:beautiful orbit mirror juliet balcony

Frameless Juliet:Framless Glass Juliet Balcony gallery 1

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