How to install Glass Balustrades

It is always important to evaluate site conditions and be prepared with the correct tools and equipment. Select your model below for a step-by-step video guide. If you need further help, our technical staff are just a phone call away.

Select your system below for product-specific video and downloadable instructions. Technical specification documents are also included.

Our balustrades are designed to be straightforward for experienced installers or skilled DIYers. If you are not confident, we strongly recommend using a professional. Contact us to find Registered Installers in your area.

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Balconette supplies both fully Frameless glass balustrade systems, and our own unique Hybrid® system. The Frameless systems, using 21.5mm laminated glass, can be installed with mounting above finished floor level, or recessed below floor level. No uprights posts are needed.

The Hybrid® system provides long runs of glass with few - or no- upright posts needed. The handrail provides strength so thinner, lighter (and less expensive) 10mm glass is used.

The Hybrid® system is available in 2 styles: Aero (wing-shaped handrail), and Orbit (circular section handrail).

See more about choosing fixings here.

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