Carbonised Decking

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From Japan comes the traditional art of charring wood to preserve it. Burnt timber cladding has been used in Japan for centuries as this traditional technique has a bonus: it also creates a beautiful decorative effect.

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carbonised decking pool

Balcony Systems has styled “carbonised” oak decking textures from that traditional Japanese art of Shou Sugi. This composite decking texture and finish perfectly replicates this appealing effect. 

Available colours

With a choice of the “charred” look or the deeper “embered” to provide a more gnarled and aged style, you have the option of incorporating darker and even more textured authentic-looking effects into your decking designs. 

Composite Decking carbonised embered texture

Carbonised- Embered 

Composite Decking Carbonised charred finish

Carbonised - Charred

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