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Enhanced grain smoked oak smooth wood effect, man made composite decking



The best composite decking can be hard to locate. If you have been searching the internet to locate the best materials for your construction project, you have no doubt seen many plastic-looking textures and colours that do not please the eye. We have grown up looking at real wood but real wood has its disadvantages, like rotting, being porous and becoming a breeding ground for slippery mold and other life forms, staining, as well as the high maintenance challenge it provides.

Wood, however, is gorgeous and art is often a great imitation of nature. It has been quite a challenge to be able to come up with the best composite decking.

We consider that Balcony System’s Composite Decking is the perfect marriage of nature, art, technology and economy and that we offer the best composite decking to be found.

Carbonised charred wood grain effect composite decking



Enhanced Grain Golden Oak smooth wood grain effect composite decking



Look at this image to the left of our Weathered decking boards. To get a look like that naturally would take years of weathering and then wouldn’t last but in a few hours, this perfectly engineered product could be fully installed outside your home for your balcony, deck, pool, walkway, patio or jetty. After all, it is the best composite decking and comes in Driftwood or Vintage.

Here is our Enhanced Grain, which comes in five different but perfectly natural looks, and is a best-seller due to its versatility.

Our Carbonised decking is a traditional Japanese look created by burning wood but ours is a clean but very zen version and the boards come in two different finishes, Charred and the more heavily burnt Embered.

Our Lasta Grip Decking has the look of young untreated wood and fits in well around water in a natural setting such as a lake or river. The difference is that our Lasta Grip is very slip-resistant and doesn’t rot but you won’t be sacrificing on authentic looks if you chose one of our best choices of composite decking materials for your docks or jetties.

These are some of the textures and finishes in composite decking that we offer.

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