Beautiful Balconies and Balustrades

The best in glass balconies
by Balconette

Beautiful Balconies and Balustrades

(Balcony Systems Solutions Ltd., Blindley Heath, Surrey)

Balconette is based Surrey, just a few miles from Gatwick Airport. These premises house our main showroom, our production and warehousing, our design facility and our admin offices. From here we supply the UK, the Channel Islands, Europe and many countries across the world.

The company, formally known as Balcony Systems Solutions Ltd., is well established with more than 25 years of successful trading, and a long list of prestigious clients in the building, construction, and architectural fields. Our balconies and balustrading have also been frequently featured in award-winning buildings, in the building trade press, and on major TV home improvement shows.

Our company philosophy is, above all, to deliver high quality, aesthetic, innovative glass balustrades and Juliet balconies for both domestic and commercial clients.

Visitors to our showroom are welcome. You are invited to see and touch examples of our products, and to discuss requirements and possibilities for both home and commercial projects. Parking is provided.

For those outside our local area, we have a national network of registered and approved installers. Some of these are also equipped as Outlets, and are able to show product samples and offer advice. And amongst our past customers are a number of product ambassadors, who are happy to show their homes and demonstrate how our products have enhanced them.

Wherever you are, we can almost certainly provide you with a nearby point of contact to get a hands-on feel for Balconette quality.

The company is possibly best known for the development of the 'Hybrid®" system of glass balustrade construction, which features a stylish integral handrail, while providing long runs of glass with few, if any, upright support posts. We also provide completely frameless balustrade installations, using structural glass. Our product testing is rigorous and easily exceeds the requirements of the applicable building codes. We also make it a point to design for ease of installation, and to provide excellent instructional materials in written and video form.

Our glass balustrading and balcony products are, simply, the best you can buy.

Here on our website we try to provide an encyclopedic level of information about glass balconies and balustrading - but we also welcome your queries in person, by phone, or email.


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