Why Can’t I Have My Product the Next Day?

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You want it and you want it now – a familiar problem of the modern age….

I’m sure you know the feeling of ”I know what I want, and I want it now!” it’s familiar to many of us.

Our manufacturing lead times vary across our range of systems and products yet remain consistent and provide an extremely efficient standard for items that are all made to measure.


Juliets: The fundamentals

  • We create a bespoke system for you – you have made your design decisions and we don’t hold stock that will fit your need sitting in the warehouse ready to go – it really is all made to order and well worth the wait for a unique, made-to-measure solution.
  • There are a number of Juliet products that we supply as ‘fast-track’ products: they are typically the most commonly requested sizes of Juliet balconies that can be quickly produced with the aluminium swiftly cut to one of the 11 standard lengths we offer. The glass panels too, come in standard sizes and can be adapted to fit many sizes of Juliet balcony by using numerous panels of glass where needed, to fit a single opening. It’s the next best thing to an ‘in stock’ solution.
  • Fast track Juliet sizes run in a range from 1000mm – 4000mm across products that include our Orbit and Aerofoil handrails and our Frameless Juliet balcony which utilises two side profiles as support to allow an expanse of one toughened, laminated panel of glass without a handrail. These ‘fast-track’ sizes of Juliet balcony can be manufactured within 5 working days. Currently our fast-track Juliets are the range of products that we can provide to the customer quickest.

So this isn’t an off the peg solution like certain items of mass-produced furniture or outdoor equipment. We don’t claim to be a Scandinavian flat-pack provider for balconies and we really thrive and operate via studying your dimensions and photos, plans and blueprints to produce a made-to-measure solution for your balcony needs. Think of these as the masterplan…

Furthermore, we need to carefully plan and arrange the logistics part of the product delivery. This is handled by our outstanding and bustling logistics dept. and their expertise at getting the products to customers in timely fashion often involves major logistical feats. Unfortunately, next day delivery can only be achieved for items that have completed the manufacture stage.

Why no next day delivery

Our Hybrid® Balustrade Systems

Our fast-track Juliets are no doubt the simplest balconies that we produce. Our balustrades are far more varied in their form and function and often need to be tailored precisely for the dimensions, materials and conditions that are unique to the individual property.

Balustrade options are therefore, more diverse and can involve considerations for varied combinations of handrail and glass with further speciality options like curved glass systems and different colours, tints and textures of glass.

Next day delivery

Technical approval

Our technical team will need to look at the dimensions or plans drawn up after survey by you or your representative and make sure the ideas are feasible, technically achievable and meet building regulations for safety and suitability. Technical drawings are created by us and you, as the customer will need to carefully consider the proposed plans and sign-off on the drawings, accepting the solution and proceeding to work from the agreed blueprints we provide.

Our Frameless Balustrade System

Frameless balustrade systems such as our Fully Frameless SG12 Balustrade employ toughened, laminated 21.5mm glass and therefore, the panels are heavier and more complex to transport. This balustrade can be mounted above or below the finished floor level of your balcony area but the extra weight means that it requires strong individuals to carry and properly install and can take longer to coordinate the fitting. Making this product at our factory requires precision manufacture processes where components are tooled to precise dimensions and as a result there is a waiting time for our structural balustrades of 35 days.

Curvaglide® Curved Glass Sliding Doors

These are highly specialised products requiring precise and careful manipulation of the glass sheets and aluminium frames to achieve the perfect curvature for the door openings. Manufacture is completed in a facility with supervision from our main technical team in Surrey and the doors are transported from the factory to international locations requiring extra despatch and logistical timeframes. Next day availability of these doors can’t be achieved but we do offer a realistic timeframe of 120 days.

Worth the Wait

So, despite the fact we may not be able to provide products to you with availability for the next day, don’t be disheartened as when your new Balconette product does arrive it will have been carefully crafted and manufactured to unique specifications. You may feel prompted to film your own ‘unboxing video’ when carefully removing the expertly packaged system – capture the excitement. It’s a moment of joy and wonder as the perfectly cut handrails and gleaming glass panels emerge fashioned to fit their new home. The wait is over and installation can commence!  If you have a speedy builder or installation team you are just a few steps away from the innovative outdoor experience of your new outdoor space.

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