Pool Glass Fencing

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Whether you're an all-year swimmer or a fair-weather dipper, maintaining the safety and appeal of your outdoor pool or hot tub requires continuous effort. While investing in quality pool fencing provides peace of mind, it can sometimes detract from the aesthetic of your pool and garden. Opting for pool glass fencing, however, helps you avoid many of the issues associated with other types of pool enclosures.

Safe and secure pool glass fencing

Secure, safe, and visually appealing, glass pool fencing effectively keeps small children away from the water while allowing you to enjoy your pool from a distance. Additionally, the transparent glass panels ensure easy visibility, enabling you to quickly spot if a child has accessed the area around your pool. Glass fencing is also an excellent option for households with water-loving pets. With glass fencing, you have full control over when - and if - your beloved pet gets to enjoy a swim.

Glass Balustrades in a pool

Attractive pool fencing

Do you love your garden? Then you'll want to savour every view of it. That's the beauty of installing glass pool fencing. Instead of creating a barrier that disrupts the flow of your landscape, glass allows for an uninterrupted view across your garden.

Glass fencing around your pool also enables you to enjoy time with your family in the garden, whether some are in the pool or hot tub and others are not. It's perfect for parties or larger gatherings, as well as quieter moments with your immediate family. Pool glass fencing ensures everyone can easily see each other and that no one feels left out.

Adaptable glass pool fencing

While glass pool fencing may seem less versatile than metal or composite fencing due to its solidity, this is not the case. Our glass fencing offers a wide range of options for unique pool enclosures. Here are a few examples:

  • Glass panels can be straight or curved to complement your pool or garden design.
  • Glass panels can be customized to fit steps or slopes in your pool design or garden layout.
  • You have the choice of glass fencing with or without posts.
  • You can opt for glass fencing with or without a handrail.
  • Various glass tints are available to enhance your pool area.
  • Achieve additional privacy around your pool or hot tub with frosted privacy glass on all sides or just part of the pool fence boundary.
  • Protect swimmers from the elements with taller glass fencing to shield against the wind.

Frameless Glass Fencing

Durable glass pool fencing

It often surprises many people to learn just how sturdy pool glass fencing can be. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Balconette's glass fencing surpasses both UK and EU safety standards. Crafted with toughened safety glass and anodized aluminium posts and handrails, our glass fencing ensures superior durability. Furthermore, every Balconette glass fence comes with a 10-year guarantee on all finishes. The outcome? Stylish, secure, and long-lasting pool glass fencing.

Easy-to-maintain glass pool fencing

Not only is Balconette's glass pool fencing durable, but it's also incredibly low maintenance. This is especially true if you opt for the BalcoNano® glass coating. Pool glass fencing often falls victim to water marks, particularly during dry summers. Those delightful splashes from the pool or hot tub can leave marks on the glass, and the last thing you want to do in the scorching heat is spend time cleaning your glass fencing. However, by choosing glass coated with BalcoNano®, you can say goodbye to glass cleaners and squeegees. The splashes from your pool simply glide off the glass, taking dust and grime with them. You're left with beautifully clean, streak-free glass with zero effort.

Glass Fencing Swimming Pool

Pool glass fencing that’s easy to install

Balconette makes ordering pool glass fencing simple and convenient. Visit our website to browse through various designs and specifications for your pool glass fence. Our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you with any bespoke designs you may require.

Installing your pool glass fence is a straightforward process, with comprehensive instructions available for download as a PDF or for viewing on YouTube. With two experienced individuals and the right tools, fitting a pool glass fence is easily achievable. Alternatively, call us on 01342-410411 to see if we have a registered installer in your area who can fit your glass panels for you.

Explore our website further for inspiration, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.

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