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We offer two distinct systems, each featuring a different handrail design. These handrails operate with subtle variations in terms of spans, wall connections, post types, and positions.

Hybrid® Orbit System

We offer the Hybrid® Orbit (formerly known as the Balcony 1 System), featuring a 70mm diameter circular handrail.

Balcony 1 System    Bal 1 Large Span

The Orbit System can achieve a maximum handrail span without posts of 3.3m (3300m). When posts are needed, the maximum post spacing is 1.9m (1900mm) between post centres. Please find below the conditions that must be met to attain these maximum handrail spans.

Hybrid® Aerofoil System

We also offer the Aerofoil System, featuring an aerofoil-shaped handrail measuring 116mm wide by 51mm high.

For the Aerofoil System, the maximum handrail span without posts is 4.0m (4000m). When posts are necessary, the maximum post spacing is 2.1m (2100mm) between post centres. Please refer below to the conditions that must be fulfilled to achieve these maximum handrail spans.

handrail system 1 8212.1  handrail system 1 8212.2

Principles and points of support

Both systems generally operate in a similar manner, with distinct design specifications. The Orbit System and Aerofoil System both utilize 10mm toughened glass. All the information and parameters presented here are based on load tests and structural calculations that have been conducted on the systems. Copies of these tests and calculations are available.

The two primary parameters to consider are the maximum distance between points of support, indicating how far the handrail can extend without requiring posts. In our definition, points of support include either fixation to the wall or a 90-degree corner, with a minimum of 1000mm (1.0m) on each side of the corner. This concept is what we refer to as "points of support.

Maximum spans without posts

To apply the maximum spans, it's crucial to ensure there is a point of support at both the beginning and the end of the balustrade. If the configuration involves an end post or a unique shape that deviates from this pattern, it could alter the specified parameters. This aspect requires specific examination. The parameters outlined below are contingent on adhering to the presence of points of support at both extremities.

The second varying parameter between the two systems is the maximum post spacing.

The two systems employ distinct types of posts, each fixed in a slightly different manner. Thus, the two parameters per system are:

  1. Maximum spans of the handrails between points of support
  2. Maximum post spacing.

Both the Orbit and Aerofoil systems can be equipped with an internal reinforcing bar that bolsters the handrail. This addition strengthens the handrail, enabling it to achieve greater spans.

Keep in mind that there are maximum spans with and without the reinforcing bar. This clarification aids your understanding, and the generic structural calculations provide details for both scenarios.


Steel Posts... when do we introduce them?

What do we call "Points of Support"?

In our Hybrid® Aerofoil System (featuring a handrail size of 116mm x 51mm), the larger size and shape of the handrail contribute to its increased strength and resilience. This allows the system to achieve a larger maximum handrail span between points of support compared to the Orbit System. Specifically, the maximum handrail span for the Hybrid® Aerofoil System is 4.0 metres. This means you can install a balustrade that spans from one wall to another for a distance of up to 4.0 metres, all without the necessity of incorporating vertical posts.

How Posts work in our Hybrid Balustrade System?

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