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Updated on: 08/08/14

We have two unique systems, each uses a different handrail. Each type of handrail works slightly differently in terms of spans, how it connects to the walls, type and position of posts.

Balcony 1 System

We have Balcony 1 system which uses a 70mm diameter circular handrail.

Balcony 1 System    Bal 1 Large Span

The maximum span of handrail that the Balcony 1 System can have without posts is 3.3m (3300m) and when posts are required the maximum post spacing is 1.9m (1900mm) between posts centres. Please read below the parameters that need to exist to meet the maximum handrail spans.

Balcony 2 System

And we have a Balcony 2 system which uses an aerofoil shaped handrail with dimensions of 116mm wide by 51mm high. 

The maximum span of handrail that the Balcony 2 System can have without posts is 4.0m (4000m) and when posts are required the maximum post spacing is 2.1m (2100mm) between posts centres. Please read below the parameters that need to exist to meet the maximum handrail spans.

handrail system 1 8212.1  handrail system 1 8212.2

Principles and points of support

Both these systems work in a similar fashion in general but have different design parameters for us to apply. Both Balcony 1 system and Balcony 2 system use 10mm toughened glass. All the data and parameters provided herein are based on load tests and structural calculations which have been undertaken on the systems. There are copies of the tests and calculations available.

The two main parameters that one needs to know is the maximum distance between points of support, how far the handrail can span without needing posts. We define points of support as either fixing into the wall or a 90 degree corner with a minimum of 1000mm (1.0m) on either side of the corner. That is what is referred to as “points of support”.

Maximum spans without posts

In order to apply the maximum spans you need to always have a point of support at the start and at the end of the balustrade. So if you have a shape or something that ends with an end post that will change the parameters specified and this needs to be checked specifically. These parameters that are given below are reliant on everything conforming to having points of support at both ends.

The second parameter which varies between the two systems is the maximum post spacing.

The two systems have two different types of posts and the posts are fixed a little bit differently. So those are the two parameters per system:

  1. Maximum spans of the handrails between points of support
  2. Maximum post spacing.

Both Balcony 1 and Balcony 2 can be supplied with a piece that strengthens the handrail. It’s an internal reinforcing bar that strengthens the handrail to enable the handrail to span more.

You have a maximum span with reinforcing bar and a max span without reinforcing bar. It’s just so you understand it and when you view the generic structural calculations you will see the maximum spans with a reinforcing bar or without a reinforcing bar.

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