How To Decorate A Juliet Balcony

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Install a glass Juliet balcony, and you can instantly enhance the enjoyment of your home with increased natural light, better ventilation, and a closer connection with the outside world.

Glass is an excellent low-maintenance choice for providing a clear security barrier to French doors in a first-floor room or loft conversion. But how can you decorate a Juliet balcony and make this stylish product an attractive — and practical — focal point of your interior space.

At Balconette, we have been supplying cost-effective and stylish glass Juliet balconies for more than 20 years in the UK. To inspire you, here are a few tips on how to make your Juliet balcony feel even more special.

Interior View with Juliet Balcony

Create your own ‘indoor balcony’

Technically, a Juliet balcony is not the same as an external balcony that allows access to open outside space you can stand on. A glass Juliet balcony serves as a security barrier for sliding doors or French doors that open inwards. The advantage of clear glass is that it offers uninterrupted views to the outside, without the visible 'bars' of timber or metal railings.

If you have the floor space, why not create your own 'indoor balcony' with a bistro table and chairs for enjoying coffee or a glass of wine with the doors open to let in the fresh air and sunshine? This is an ideal solution for apartments or loft conversions where external balconies are not an option.

For larger rooms with bi-folding doors that fold back to the wall, a frameless glass Juliet balcony makes a beautiful statement and truly opens up those views. Add a table and chairs to enjoy 'al fresco' dining in the privacy of your own home.

White Juliet Balcony

Think about plants

Plants thrive on light, and even for north-facing Juliet balconies, they will benefit from the additional floor-to-ceiling light provided by French doors and a glass Juliet balcony. With ample natural light, it's also the perfect spot for starting seedlings in the spring!

Whether you choose a graceful palm tree, a scented flowering climber, or a simple cactus, a few potted plants can help transform your indoor space into a serene 'oasis' of green.

Define your Juliet balcony relaxation space

Placing a comfortable chair, recliner, or even a couple of beanbags in front of your glass Juliet balcony defines the space as a relaxing spot. With the doors open, your glass Juliet balcony connects you with the outside world, allowing you to take in that fabulous sunset.

And finally - make the most of the view!

If you are dreaming of enjoying the view from your private glass Juliet balcony, then our friendly team at Balconette is here to help. We'll be delighted to provide further advice on your project, from selecting the right design to ensuring a seamless experience that complements your vision.

Contact us today to turn your dream of a stunning glass Juliet balcony into a reality.

View from Juliet Balcony

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