Juliet Balcony Kit

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We supply thousands of glass Juliet balconies all over the UK, ranging from single units for private self-builders or renovators to house builders who order tens or sometimes hundreds of units. We provide a "ready to install kit" that includes everything needed to install the balcony, excluding only the fixings required for attaching it to the wall or building.

Over the years, we have made improvements to the kit and the packaging. In the article below, we explain what you can expect to receive when ordering a Juliet balcony from us, whether it's frameless, standard, or custom-sized.

Types of Kits:

In principle, there are two types of kits: The traditional type, which makes use of a top and bottom rail and between 2 and 4 panels of glass – Orbit Juliette,  Aerofoil Juliette, and Orbit Mirror types. The second type is the frameless Juliet type, which makes use of side profiles and a large pane of glass.

What’s in the Juliet Balcony kit?

Our Glass Juliet Balconies are sold as a whole, not as separate components. We provide you with the complete package, including both the glass panels and the metal framework.

The "ready to install" metalwork is packaged separately from the glass panels.

For the traditional types of Juliets (i.e. Orbit Juliette, Aerofoil Juliette, and Orbit Mirror,  Frameless), the box will contain your anodized or powder-coated bottom rail with brackets already attached, your anodized or powder-coated handrail with end caps in place and brackets attached, lengths of rubber gaskets, and plastic packers to assist in adjusting the height and levelness of the glass. These types are supplied with 10mm toughened glass panels.

For the frameless Juliet types, you will receive your side posts, rubber gaskets packed in a box, and the glass for this system is 21.5mm laminated and toughened. As it's a single pane and possibly up to approximately 3m wide, it is supplied flat-packed on a bespoke pallet.

Juliet Balcony Kit


Self-cleaning glass coating

If you have ordered your Juliet Balcony with our BalcoNano® Self-Cleaning Glass Coating, this will have already been applied to both sides of the glass panels. You can find more information about this product here.

How the kit is packed and delivered

The anodised aluminium handrail and the bottom rail (or the posts for the Frameless Juliet) are packaged together with the rubber gaskets and plastic packers in a cardboard box, tightly secured with polystyrene to keep everything in place.

The glass is framed or packed on a pallet, or with large orders, it's supplied on a glass stillage or crate. Once you have ordered your Juliet balcony and the order has been processed, you will be contacted to confirm delivery dates. The delivery for our standard Juliet Balconies, from sign-off of drawings, is usually 5 working days in the UK. If the Juliet is custom, it can take up to 30 days for delivery.

Juliet Balcony Accessories

Juliet Balcony Accessories

Installation instructions and choosing the correct fixings

We will also provide you with installation instructions, along with links to instructional videos and support from our technical team if needed.

To choose the correct fixings, you need to know what material or substrate you are fixing to. You can then refer to our structural calculations, which provide the required bolt forces, allowing you to select a suitable fixing for your building or walls.

The top and bottom wall brackets and the side profiles on the Frameless Juliets all have holes suitable for up to M10 fixings.

You can find more information on this subject here.


What you can expect to see as a final result

Your finished Juliet Balcony will look something like this:

Traditional Bal 1 Juliet Balcony

Traditional Bal 1 Juliet Balcony

Aerofoil Bal 2 Juliet Balcony

Aerofoil Bal 2 Juliet Balcony

Mirror Juliet Balcony

Mirror Juliet Balcony

Frameless Juliet Balcony

Frameless Juliet Balcony

You can see more about the different types of standard and custom Juliet Balconies we supply here.

How do I order?

Once you have had a look at our products and decided what you would like to order, you can either contact us via email at sales@balconette.co.uk or call us at 01342 410411. FAQ’s Here.

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