The Advantages of Balcony’s Juliet Balcony

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Updated on: 09/07/14

Origin of the name Juliette Balcony

Having a very romantic origin the term comes from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet famous balcony scene in Verona, should maybe be referred to as “Juliet’s Balcony”. The term "Juliette Balcony" or "Juliet Balcony" is very particular to the market in the United Kingdom, in the US, or even Europe, if you used this term, they would have no idea what you would be talking about. Having a very romantic origin the term comes from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet famous balcony scene. 

About Juliette Balconies

As very different from a "walk on" type balcony, the term Juliet Balcony in simplicity is a guarding or barrier placed on the outside of full height French doors that are installed on the first floor or higher floors, that do not lead to a balcony.

The modern house build utilises the use of full height windows and doors in the creation of a larger "virtual space" in a small environment. This creates an extension of the outside visibility and enlarges the viewpoint from the inside by giving a downward view from further away.

The traditional Juliet balcony was made from steel, usually painted black, with vertical bars. This would be installed onto the wall outside and work as a barrier. This kind of steel Juliet Balcony has a heavy set feel to it and gives a "cage" sort of look both from the inside and from the outside..


Balcony Systems' Juliet Balcony

Balcony Systems' Juliet Balcony

Balcony Systems' Solution to Juliette Balconies

The Balcony Systems solution for Juliet balconies goes hand in glove with the basic purpose and intention of putting full height windows or doors in the first place.

From the inside you achieve an unobstructed glass balustrade, with a clean handrail spanning across the opening, no vertical bars or posts, no glass clamps or lugs.

The system uses the inherent strength in the Balcony System proprietary handrail to resist the loading required by building regulations. A Juliette balcony with a 4.0m span can be achieved without a any posts.

Having designed it's systems from on-site experience, Balcony Systems developed this product not only from the viewpoint of the end user but also from the perspective of the installer and has made it one of the easiest glass systems to install. Not only that, but if ever required a glass panel can easily be replaced from inside the property without scaffolding. Many customers have commented just how easy it has been to install their Juliet Balcony.

Balcony Systems' 2.84m Juliet

Balcony Systems' 2.84m Juliet

Why use a handrail

A handrail offers a sense of security and stability and is more comfortable to lean on than just a panel of glass. Balcony Systems have surveyed architects, installers and customers and the results are conclusive, when glass is used on a balcony or a Juliet balcony, users feel safer and prefer to lean on a handrail then just glass.


Juliet balcony views

Juliet Balcony views

Balcony systems Juliette Balcony system has become so popular that it is available in three model option, seven standard sizes and each in four colours. This allows Balcony Systems to supply to builders, private homeowners, self-builders and renovators and of these within just 5 working days, relieving the pressure for those that have left this to the last moment. 80 models available in a 5 working day turnaround.

Balcony has supplied their Juliette Balconies all over the British Isles from The Isle of Lewis to Lands End and from Northern Ireland to Aberdeen; the product has been praised from one customer to another.

The materials chosen to make these Juliet Balconies have been chosen to require almost no maintenance other than cleaning. The structure is made from the highest quality Aluminium Alloy which uses the best powder coating or anodizing that guarantees longevity. Of course the use of glass as a material will guarantee strength, beauty and long life.


Balcony Systems Juliet Balcony Systems offer enhanced aesthetics, make installation easy, are Eco friendly, require almost no maintenance, give the sense of security and of course are great value for money.

Juliet Balcony Video

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