Glass coating for cars that offers self-cleaning properties might seem like an impossible dream but with our BalcoNano® Glass Coating products, in less than one hour, you can have the exterior of all your windows and windshield incredibly clean and it will stay that way for a long time.

Our two-step process to clean and coat your car glass is something you can do yourself for a few pounds and in less than an hour. This advanced technology protective coating is completely transparent and dries in 10 minutes.

Step 1 – Clean your glass thoroughly and make sure its dry. Then clean the surface with the supplied cleaner sachet.

Step one of Balconano cleaner

Clear car windscreen with Balconano Cleaner

Step 2 – Wipe on BalcoNano® Glass Coating with the disposable cloth found in the sachet and continue to polish the glass until the cloth is completely dry.

Step two of Balconano Self Cleaning Coating

Clean Glass Windscreen with Balconano

Almost as soon as you have disposed of the empties and removed your gloves, your vehicle glass will be virtually self-cleaning!

Save time and hassle by having the exterior glass on your car be so clean and slippery that dirt, dust, mud and bird droppings cannot grab onto the surface and either wash away with the rain, or can easily be hosed and wiped off. This is achieved by simply applying our special glass coating for cars.


The technology of self cleaning glass is generally only used in factories like ours. We create some of the highest-quality glass for balconies available and coat the glass for our customers in the factory, as an option. But glass is glass and we felt it would be worthwhile to assist people to improve the performance of their own car windows with our glass coating for cars.

Because we don’t want you to miss out on the latest technological breakthrough in nanotechnology, we have created a product that allows you to apply your own glass coating for cars any time you want. This will protect your glass so that future dirt will tend to just slide off, or at least be incredibly easy to wipe clean.

We estimate that this one simple action of applying our glass coating for cars will save you 50-90% in cleaning time. Whether you do it yourself or employ another to do it, that means that you will save time and money with one application of the coating. We thought you might have better things to do than constantly cleaning the exterior of your windscreen and other vehicle windows!


Please note that we only recommend using our glass coating for cars on the exterior of vehicles. This is because the coating will make the glass surface hydrophobic (water repellent) in effect creating a smaller contact surface for water (condensation & fog included) to attach to. This will cause interior glass to fog up faster and have less surface to spread on to which is why we recommend the coating be applied only to the exterior glass.

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Can there really be such a thing as self cleaning glass?

As smooth and perfect as glass may seem, the surface is in fact tremendously pitted. These imperfections and holes fill up and become embedded with dirt, grime, slime, bacteria, calcium and other mineral deposits and that is why windows and shower doors need a lot of cleaning to maintain their brilliance

That cloudy look windows can get is in fact mostly calcium that came from water and got stuck on the surface, after the water evaporated. Also glass continues to deteriorate over time, so is harder and harder to keep clean.

Imagine if you could somehow thoroughly clean glass one last time and then make it self cleaning! While you are dreaming, why not take it a step further and imagine that it could stay that way for a few years without the need to thoroughly clean, polish or work so hard to keep it looking good.


With the latest technology, this dream of self cleaning glass is entirely possible. Our BalcoNano Glass Coating is a transparent shield that is applied to any glass or ceramic surface, giving it a hard and durable water repellent and “self-cleaning” surface. Dirt and other deposits cannot cling to the treated glass surface and either wash away easily or can be simply cleaned with water and a cloth.

What happens is that our glass coating makes the glass water repellent and the water can’t get into the pits and valleys of the glass. In fact the water will sit high on the surface and the droplets will tend to curl up and quickly roll away. Dirt, grime, slime, calcium and other deposits will not be able to embed or cling strongly to the surface and will wash away easily.

This is why it is known as self cleaning glass - it does practically clean itself. For more details and a more visual representation of how self cleaning glass works, we advise, watching this film. [Link to the video above].


From a practical point of view, if properly prepared by thorough cleaning, your self cleaning glass coating will keep the surfaces smooth and reduce your cleaning cycle by up to 90% for 3-10 years.

Untreated Glass

Untreated Glass

Treated Glass with Balconano Self Cleaning Glass Coating

Treated Glass with Balconano Self-Cleaning Coating

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