Let’s imagine there were such a thing as glass coating for showers! Then in theory, the surfaces in your shower could be “self cleaning”. This is not too far from reality! There is a brand new technology that allows any surface like glass, ceramic, marble or stone to be smooth enough to have mineral deposits like calcium simply slide away from these surfaces very much like water off a duck’s back.

Glass coating for showers is made possible by nanotechnology.

There is no reason why your showers have to be cloudy and grimy looking. Constantly cleaning and polishing glass is no longer the price you have to pay in order to have beautifully clean showers. That is because glass coating for showers exists and can be purchased relatively cheaply and is very easy to apply yourself.

Clean and clear shower glass after self-cleaning coating application


Calcium deposits from hard water, irremovable streaks, dirt and grime can very easily lodge themselves into your glass, ceramic, marble and stone surfaces and create a lot of unnecessary work.

What if you could protect your glass and make it resistant to dirt, bacteria, lime scale and other deposits? This is now possible by applying BalcoNano®’s glass coating for showers and with it you can protect your surfaces with a durable and efficient coating, making the glass both easy to clean and super smooth.

After an application of glass coating for showers, your glass will only require a quick wipe with a towel or cloth to keep it clean for the next 3-10 years.

The BalcoNano® glass coating should be applied on new or clean glass and will protect your shower glass from the lodging of bacteria, dirt and other unwanted particles.

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Can there really be such a thing as self cleaning glass?

As smooth and perfect as glass may seem, the surface is in fact tremendously pitted. These imperfections and holes fill up and become embedded with dirt, grime, slime, bacteria, calcium and other mineral deposits and that is why windows and shower doors need a lot of cleaning to maintain their brilliance

That cloudy look windows can get is in fact mostly calcium that came from water and got stuck on the surface, after the water evaporated. Also glass continues to deteriorate over time, so is harder and harder to keep clean.

Imagine if you could somehow thoroughly clean glass one last time and then make it self cleaning! While you are dreaming, why not take it a step further and imagine that it could stay that way for a few years without the need to thoroughly clean, polish or work so hard to keep it looking good.

Modern Glass Shower


With the latest technology, this dream of self cleaning glass is entirely possible. Our BalcoNano Glass Coating is a transparent shield that is applied to any glass or ceramic surface, giving it a hard and durable water repellent and “self-cleaning” surface. Dirt and other deposits cannot cling to the treated glass surface and either wash away easily or can be simply cleaned with water and a cloth.

What happens is that our glass coating makes the glass water repellent and the water can’t get into the pits and valleys of the glass. In fact the water will sit high on the surface and the droplets will tend to curl up and quickly roll away. Dirt, grime, slime, calcium and other deposits will not be able to embed or cling strongly to the surface and will wash away easily.

This is why it is known as self cleaning glass - it does practically clean itself. For more details and a more visual representation of how self cleaning glass works, we advise, watching this film. [Link to the video above].

Clear and clean glass shower with nanotechnology self-cleaning glass coating


From a practical point of view, if properly prepared by thorough cleaning, your self cleaning glass coating will keep the surfaces smooth and reduce your cleaning cycle by up to 90% for 3-10 years, and when the glass coating gets too old and worn, it can be renewed by a deep clean using our BalcoNano® Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner and a new coat can be applied.

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