Frameless Glass Fencing

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Enhance your home and garden with frameless glass balustrade.

Beautiful views, uninterrupted scenery, perfect visibility – not terms you tend to associate with fences. But what about frameless glass fencing? It’s something that many people wouldn’t consider when designing their home and garden. A fence is often an afterthought – something to keep intruders out, and pets and children in. But what if it could be something else? Something that completed your home and garden, and provided the finishing touch?

Balconette’s frameless glass fences are made with toughened laminated glass, so you can rely upon their strength. They’re held at the base, and need no upright supports. You don’t even need to add a handrail, although many of our customers choose to – there’s something lovely about leaning on a fence, looking out over a beautiful view.

Frameless Glass Fencing

Frameless glass fencing is a stunning enhancement to so many homes and gardens. Here are some of our favourite uses:

Swimming Pools and Hot-Tubs

If your property has a pool or tub in the garden, you’ll need to fence it off to avoid accidents. But that doesn’t mean hiding it away. Simply use one of Balconette’s frameless glass fences and you’ll have a safety fence and a full view of the pool. So even if you’re on BBQ duty while the rest of the family’s in the pool, you can see each other and chat away. Clunky wooden fences won’t obstruct your view, and metal posts won’t get in the way. Choose to coat the glass with our special Balco-Nano self-cleaning coating and you’ll find your frameless glass fence stays looking good with very little effort. And because safety must always come first, you’ll be pleased to know we supply fully locking glass gates to keep your pool perfectly secure.

Waterside Properties

Looking out on a riverside, lake or coastal view is one of life’s true pleasures. Sadly, it’s often necessary to fence off the view for the sake of safety, especially if you have young children or pets. But install a frameless glass fence and you can have the best of both worlds. In fact, you’ll almost feel as if there’s no fence there at all. Worried about how you’ll get to your boat or stroll down to the lake for your morning dip? We can fit lockable doors and gates into our frameless glass fencing, so you have full access to the water while keeping everything safe and secure. With very few fixings, and with the system made from aluminium and glass, rust and corrosion won’t play on your mind. And if you choose to coat your glass with our special Balco-Nano self-cleaning coating, you’ll find you barely need to lift a finger to keep the glass looking ship-shape.

Wild Beauty

Perhaps your property looks out over a beautiful wilderness. If you back onto a wood, or overlook mountains and hills, you want to enjoy the entire view. Fences can look so obstructive, even if they are a necessity. Fit your perimeter with frameless glass fencing from Balconette and you’ll barely know it’s there. You can safely contain pets and kids, and still enjoy breathtaking views. The toughened laminated glass will cope with the worst weather, and will even stay looking good despite snow and rain if you choose to coat it with our special Balco-Nano self-cleaning coating.

Interested? Get in touch with us today to find out how you can get more from your fencing with Balconette.

Frameless Glass Fencing

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