Glass Decking Panels

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To price your balustrade requirement first choose the shape most similar to yours

1-Sided 1 section glass balustrade
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5-Sided 5 sides glass balustrade
Curved curved glass balustrade

Glass decking panels are an attractive and practical way to complete or update your decking. They provide uninterrupted views, appealing aesthetics, and excellent safety features. Additionally, they are durable, easy to maintain, and protect your decking from the weather. By choosing glass decking panels, you can spend more time enjoying your deck rather than cleaning or maintaining it.

Balconette offers glass decking panels that come with a minimum thickness of 10mm safety glass. We provide a 10-year guarantee on the balustrade profile finishes and offer easy-to-follow installation guides in downloadable PDF and video formats. Our panels are designed for easy fitting, making them a cost-effective choice for those who prefer to avoid using a professional fitter.

Glass Decking Panels

Choosing your decking panels from Balconette means more than just benefiting from our enviable quality guarantee. You also have a wide range of styles and finishes to choose from.

Traditional Glass Decking Panels

Our traditional glass decking panels provide the reassurance of sturdy anodized aluminium handrails and posts. The fixings are neatly hidden away, resulting in clear glass panels that showcase the view without any visible lugs or screws.

You can opt for two handrail systems: the circular "Orbit" handrail and our bestselling "Aerofoil" handrail system. The "Orbit" system features a classic cylindrical handrail and post design that suits a timeless look and puts the focus on your property and its surroundings. This system allows for 1.9m of glass between posts and up to 3.3m of uninterrupted glass if the handrail can be fixed between two walls.

The "Aerofoil" system offers a more modern-looking handrail with square posts. It looks sleek and complements contemporary builds with its clean lines. This system allows up to 2.1m between posts and up to 4.0m of uninterrupted glass if the handrail can be fixed between two walls.

Frameless Glass Decking Panels

For an ultra-modern and unobtrusive look, many homeowners, architects, and builders are turning to our frameless glass decking panels. These panels provide the expected safety and security of traditional glass decking panels while offering completely uninterrupted views.

With zero posts, zero visible fixings, and flexibility with panel widths, you can enclose your decking area confidently and stylishly. Frameless glass panels are available with or without a handrail. The handrail option is ideal for busy decking areas and properties with stunning views, as leaning gently onto a handrail provides added comfort.

sg12 Glass Balustrade Fully Frameless System

More Options with Glass Decking Panels

Choosing Balconette for your glass decking panels provides you with unexpected options beyond aesthetics and security.

Add Colour 

You can add colour by selecting from clear, bronze, green, and grey glass tints to complement your surroundings. Additionally, you can personalize your decking panels with one of four finishes for the handrails: Royal Chrome anodized, silver anodized, bronze anodized, and white powder coated.

Enjoy Some Privacy 

Decking areas can sometimes feel quite exposed, especially if they overlook a public space such as on a coastline or riverbank. You can increase your privacy by fitting satin finish glass to obscure your decking area from curious passers-by. You can also choose to install a privacy screen on parts of your decking; taller than the rest of your decking panels, these privacy screens create an unobtrusive wall to help turn your decking area into a peaceful sanctuary, even if you’re next to a public footpath or close to nosy neighbours. If privacy is a concern, fitting satin finish glass can obscure your decking area from curious passers-by. Alternatively, you can install a privacy screen on specific sections of your decking. These screens, taller than the rest of the decking panels, create an unobtrusive wall, transforming your decking area into a peaceful sanctuary, even in public spaces or near nosy neighbours.

Easy Cleaning

For easy maintenance, you have the option to coat your glass panels with BalcoNano® self-cleaning coating. This invisible coating prevents dust, dirt, and watermarks from spoiling the clarity of your glass panels. Instead of seeing dusty or dirty glass, you can enjoy your beautiful view. If little fingerprints or wet noses make their mark on your glass decking panels, simply wipe them off with a wet cloth or sponge. No need for chemicals, squeegees, or excessive effort.

Glass Balustrade for Decking

Discover our complete range of glass decking panels and get ready to transform your decking into a stunning and functional outdoor space.

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