‘Balconette was one of the few companies that could do curved glass’

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Balconette’s ability to supply curved glass balustrading was a key reason why Trevor West chose the company for this stunning barrier around newly created basement accommodation at his South Yorkshire home.

More than 20 metres of Balconette’s Orbit System in Royal Chrome anodised finish support straight and sweeping curved glass panels that protect the drop to the impressive entrance stairway in the garden of his Doncaster property.

The extensive renovation project has resulted in a 7,500 sq ft home with eight bedrooms and two kitchens, as Trevor explains: “Digging the basement out was quite a task in itself; we had to take part of the house down to get machinery in the back and then rebuild it afterwards.

“It has made more space for my five children. All the girls like cooking and they like to have their own kitchen, so they don’t disturb the main kitchen.”

Having found Balconette through an internet search, Trevor ‘got in touch and took it from there.’ He gave the Balconette team an idea of what he was looking for and they produced a proposed design.

Commenting on what prompted him to choose Balconette, Trevor says: “They were one of the few companies that could do the curved glass option. That’s what added to the lead time as it’s specially made – proper curved glass which a lot of other firms didn’t do. It does look really good!”

The balustrade was fitted by one of Balconette’s installation partners, 2dayucan Ltd in under three weeks. Trevor was impressed with installer Martin Cope who ‘was very good, very hands on and held the job together.’

Although there were some challenges along the way, such as with issues related to incorrect components which added to the timescale, everything was resolved successfully in the end.

“We engaged with Balconette’s customer care team at one point as we weren’t making any headway. They came back to me and settled it. So, it was all resolved in the end, thankfully,” continues Trevor. “I would recommend Balconette and use the company again.”

Completed in June, the balustrade has attracted some very positive feedback from family and friends. “Everyone is amazed with the finish; they think it’s great. We’re very pleased with it,” adds Trevor.

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