Adding a Glass Balcony in Hampshire - Case Study

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Winchester, Hampshire

Developer: Self Build Refurbishment

A clear glass balcony extension has transformed the way John and Julie Tunnicliffe use their 1960's 'upside-down' Winchester home. At over five metres wide and between two and three metres deep, the tapered balcony is another room large enough to host a dinner party for six in comfort - achieved for the cost of a small family car.

Glass Balustrade

Preserving uninterrupted views over the countryside was of paramount importance. Having dismissed alternatives such as wood or iron spindles, the couple chose a low-maintenance glass and aluminium balustrade system from Balcony Systems Ltd.

"A great design at a reasonable price," says John. "Wood and iron are self-defeating as the view is obscured by the spindles, so glass is a great alternative."

"As the kitchen and living rooms are upstairs, a two-storey extension was required to enlarge our galley-style kitchen. Adding the balcony to the extended kitchen provides us with another area to dine, relax and have fun, while taking advantage of the hillside views."

Comprising a galvanised steel structure supporting timber floor joists and decking, the £6,000 balcony was constructed in just four days. A 'lightweight' solution with a thin profile, as opposed to traditional bulky brick pillars, was chosen to preserve light to the new master bedroom below.

John and the carpenter installed the balcony balustrade in a single day. "Installation was very straightforward, even for two 'inexperienced novices', but the results are wonderful," enthuses John. 

At around a third to half the cost of structural glazing, the Balcony balustrading system is a cost-effective and aesthetic alternative. Instead of posts and structural glass, the aluminium hand-railing provides all the required strength and support, meeting all the relevant Building Regulations.

"With easy access from the kitchen, it is just as easy to serve a meal outside as it is inside," concludes Julie. "The balcony has utterly changed the way we use our house, as well as giving us a completely new perspective on the garden. Drinks on the balcony, watching the sunset has now become a standard feature of our life."