Coastal Glass Balconies in Northern Ireland - Case study

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Northern Ireland

Developer: PRH Construction

Balustrading specialist Balcony Systems products prove well suited for the coastal environment of Northern Ireland.

For properties in coastal areas exposed to the harsh salty elements, the system's excellent corrosion-resistance removes the need for regular time-consuming and costly maintenance. An additional benefit is that glass balustrading offers balcony users protection from the wind, enabling them to enjoy the views in comfort - a key selling point for the Northern Irish climate.

Coastal Glass Balustrades

Commenting on local trends, Gordon Hemphill, an experienced local installer of Balcony's Glass systems, explains: "The Balcony balustrade System is meeting current design trends that favour increased light in new properties, particularly for apartments and luxury homes. As a result, the product has been nominated by a number of local architects and developers who recognise its suitability for these property styles, as well as its ability to withstand the rigours of our climate."

The close working relationship between Balcony and local installers ensures any technical or ordering queries are resolved efficiently and professionally. From a single glass Juliette balcony to more complex or curved designs."Balcony's support is second-to-none, so nothing is ever a problem," continues Gordon. "Feedback from clients on the product has been fantastic; everyone loves it. Instead of looking at the balcony, they can see through it and, of course, that is a big bonus for enjoyment of the scenery."

Looking to the future, Gordon predicts refurbishment of existing balconies will be a growing market, particularly around the popular resort areas of Portrush, Portmore and Portstewart where the balustrading materials on some recently-built holiday homes and apartments are already succumbing to the demanding marine environment.

"Many painted and galvanised steel Juliette balconies, which were installed around four years ago, are already showing signs of corrosion and in need of serious maintenance," explains Gordon. "The beauty of the Balcony system is that it is easy to install and only requires an occasional wipe clean to keep it looking good for years to come."

Royal Chrome Balconies

Developers PRH Construction chose the Balcony system for its clean lines and corrosion-resistance. It was installed on the last 11 apartments recently completed at Portmore, near Portrush. The complex of over 80 apartments stands just yards from the sea. Managing Director Raymond Henry says owners of earlier steel balconies, which have suffered discolouration and corrosion, have already expressed an interest in the smart new ones."Being glass and aluminium, the Balcony system is well-suited for its purpose and we're very pleased with it. Indeed, we're planning to use it on our next development nearby," he adds.