Garden glass balustrade, Isle of Man, Case Study

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Isle of Man

White Glass Balustrade in the garden

For Stuart Main, a 33-metre glass and aluminium balustrade supplied by Balcony Systems provided the perfect solution to enclose his Isle of Man garden and protect it from the prevailing winds.

The clear glass balustrade, topped with a white powder-coated handrail, shelters vulnerable plants from strong south-westerly winds while defining the property boundary and allowing clear views to open land beyond.

Reasonable price and good service

Stuart, a retired businessman, said: "I specifically wanted a glass system and the Balcony Systems' product is reasonably-priced and does the job. It's withstood some severe weather and I'm really pleased with it. The glass stays quite clean, requiring little effort to keep it looking good."

Chris Clarke, Director of landscaping company Garden World, secured the L-shaped balustrade on an existing low wall marking the garden boundary between open land and a neighbouring home.

He added: "Service and delivery from Balcony Systems was good and I've had several requests for similar balustrading projects. This installation works very well."

Wide White Glass Balustrade

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