Balcony Systems' balustrade delivers 'full value of the views'

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Added on: 09/09/14

Brentwood, Essex

Contractor: M & P Dunn Ltd

When an Essex couple embarked on a full refurbishment of their prestigious rural home, including the addition of an extensive new balcony, keeping the unspoilt countryside views was a top priority.

The installation of low-maintenance glazed balustrading and a custom-sized glass Juliet balcony supplied by Balcony Systems has helped them to achieve their objective of transforming the eight-bedroomed property into a 21st century residence with a smart contemporary appearance.

They say: "The glazed balcony has given us the full value of the views and we are very happy with the way it looks. The modern look of the balcony blends in well and the house really looks good with it."

Refurb balcony Essex

Balcony products refurbish the house

Over the course of 18 months just about everything was renewed at the substantial house, near Brentwood. The works included extending an area of flat roof over the bay window, both outward and lengthways, which did not have a pre-existing balcony or balustrade.

"We thought because of the age of the house, which we believe was built about 1850-1880, that we would have to have a wooden balustrade in order to match its age. We were not keen on this because we did not want to impede the beautiful views."

After researching balustrading products on the internet, the couple visited Balcony Systems' office where they were shown samples of the systems and that sealed their decision."We thought the product was very well made, looked good and was a reasonable price. We also liked the fact that the number of supporting posts was limited so the view would not be obscured."

Glass Balconies Refurbishment

With meticulous attention to detail, they cleverly ensured that the upright in front of the main bedroom full-length windows was directly opposite the middle frame of the French doors - maintaining a completely unobstructed view to the outside.

Measuring 21.62m, this glass balustrade uses the Balcony 2 balustrading system featuring the aerofoil-shaped handrail in Balcony's proprietary Royal Chrome anodised finish. A custom-sized 3.86m glass Juliet balcony was also installed as a secure barrier to French Windows leading off another rear-facing bedroom.

All the glass panels have Balcony's BalcoNano® self-cleaning glass coating on both sides of the panels to reduce the need for cleaning. The protective coating creates a smooth, water-repellent surface so dirt and other deposits cannot cling and are easily washed off by rain or wiping with a wet cloth.

Happy Customers

Happy with the service they received from Balcony Systems, the couple would certainly recommend both the company and its products, adding: "Everyone who has seen the house is impressed with the balcony system. Mind you we have done so much to the house that we're not sure that they would dare say anything else!"

The balustrading was installed by main contractor, M & P Dunn Ltd, who also carried out the refurbishment work that was completed in 2012. Impressed with his first use of the Balcony Systems products, Director Paul Hopkins says they were easy to install and very effective.

Commenting on the project, he adds: "Balcony's products were great to work with and I would certainly use them again if the opportunity arose. The design of the main balustrade so the supporting post doesn't obscure the view from the main bedroom works perfectly. The refurbishment has brought the house into the 21st century with a wonderful mix of traditional and modern materials."

Juliet Reburb Essex

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