Seaside Glass Balustrade, Kent, Case Study

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Dungeness Beach, Kent

Replacing an old and broken metal balustrade with a low-maintenance glass and aluminium balcony from Balcony Systems has transformed Pamela Tepper's beachside home in Kent. The new balcony now draws admiring glances from all who see it.

With Balcony's self-cleaning glass coating on the panels to resist salt and sand deposits, Pamela spends fewer hours cleaning and more time enjoying the stylish, robust and rejuvenated balcony at her Dungeness home, just metres from the sea.

"Glass was important for me to keep the sea views, but also for protecting against the strong winds," she says. "Even on the windiest of the days, it's absolutely calm when sitting below the height of the glass and I feel the balcony's attractive appearance has definitely added value and saleability to my property."

It would seem her view is reinforced by seaside visitors, as Pamela adds: "As the only home with a glass balcony, people do 'double-takes' when they look up and see it. I'm really pleased as it looks lovely and I also don't have to worry about corrosion or future maintenance.

"Glass is the perfect balustrading choice for this harsh climate and really complements my home. Price-wise, it compared very favourably with alternative materials like metal, so I'm delighted!

Seaside Balcony in Kent