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Self-Cleaning Glass Windows

What are BalcoNano® self-cleaning glass windows?

BalcoNano® is a glass treatment that turns ordinary glass into a super-smooth, water-repellent surface. This unique property prevents water from adhering to the glass, causing it to instead pick up any dirt and dust present on the surface and carry it away, effectively cleaning the windows. BalcoNano®-treated windows exhibit self-cleaning abilities whenever it rains.

How are self-cleaning glass windows different to normal glass windows?

Untreated glass is not as smooth as one might expect. It is covered with microscopic ridges that trap dirt and grime. Due to these ridges, water cannot effectively wash away the dirt, resulting in windows looking dirty. In contrast, windows coated with BalcoNano® are entirely smooth, providing no hiding place for dirt. Rainwater easily washes away the dirt, leaving you with sparkling clean windows and a pristine view.

Is it a tricky job to self-clean windows?

Achieving self-cleaning glass windows is simpler than you might have imagined. Simply purchase the appropriate amount of BalcoNano® and follow the instructions on the packaging. Start by thoroughly cleaning and drying the windows. Then, apply the solution using the pre-soaked wipe provided. Step back and admire the remarkable results.

Will I need professional equipment to apply BalcoNano®? 

BalcoNano® empowers you to transform your windows into self-cleaning wonders with just a ladder, some cloths, protective gloves, and a good dose of elbow grease.

Does BalcoNano® really work?

Certainly! We wouldn't offer it if it didn't work. Take a look at our reviews – the numerous five-star ratings showcase the immense satisfaction our customers experience with their newly acquired self-cleaning windows.

What sort of windows can I use BalcoNano® on?

Absolutely! You can apply the self-cleaning treatment to any window or glass surface. It's an especially advantageous choice for glass and windows that are challenging to access. Roof windows or extensive glass walls, in particular, are highly worthwhile candidates for the BalcoNano® self-cleaning treatment.

Is it just for windows and glass?

Certainly not! BalcoNano® is versatile and can be used on various surfaces, including shower cubicles (for a farewell to limescale!), tiles, porcelain, marble, granite, and even car windscreens.

Self-Cleaning Glass Windows

Surely self-cleaning glass windows involve lots of chemicals.

BalcoNano® is built on nanotechnology and has been formulated to adhere to the strictest environmental standards. While gloves are recommended during application to protect your hands, once the carrier fluids have evaporated, your windows will be brilliantly clean without any chemical residue. As an added bonus, you'll no longer require harsh chemicals to maintain the cleanliness of your windows.

Does this mean I’ll never have to clean my windows again?

While we can't guarantee that you'll never need to call a window cleaner again, you'll certainly spend much less time looking through dirt-streaked windows than before. If you do notice your windows looking a bit dusty, a quick wipe down with a wet cloth should suffice. However, be cautious not to use harsh chemicals on your windows, as they can remove the BalcoNano® treatment.

How long will my self-cleaning glass windows last for?

The duration of your self-cleaning window treatment can vary depending on local conditions, but generally, you can anticipate it to last between 3 to 10 years.

I’m convinced. Where can I buy BalcoNano®?  

You can purchase BalcoNano® directly from our website. Additionally, we supply other equipment that you may find useful in creating your own self-cleaning windows.

Is there further information I can look at? 

Certainly! Visit our website to find more information. We have videos that guide you through the application process, and there's plenty of additional information to address any questions you may have.

Self-Cleaning Glass Windows

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