Sachet of self-cleaning glass coating and cleaner for use before application
Glass Coating Sachets

These self-application 'wet wipe' sachets have been designed specically to be applied easily at home. One sachet covers roughly one square metre and once applied, there is no need to use chemical cleaners and harsh chemicals. 

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Latex-Free Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves for protection when using nanotechnology self-cleaning glass coating
Latex-Free Blue Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are known for their superior resistance to chemicals and they fit tightly on the hands, making it very easy to do delicate work. Our latex-free gloves are used in labs and the automotive industry, as they are more resistive to oils and acids than natural rubber and are perfect for deeply cleaning and coating glass.

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Technical Data for our Glass Cleaning Products

While the exact formulas for our glass products are a trade secret, in our linked documents below, you can see the material safety data sheets for the cleaning and glass coating products. 

Included you can read up on the material's physical and chemical properties as well as how to handle and store these products. You will also find first aid advice and more. 

Balconano Glass Cleaner safety sheet

Balconano Glass Coating safety sheet  

Balconano Glass Cleaner

safety sheet

Balconano Glass Coating

safety sheet



Balcony Systems' BalcoNano products

Glass isn’t totally smooth but at our online glass coating shop, you can buy exactly what you need to “fill in the holes” and make your own self cleaning glass. The top of our double sachets help you to thoroughly clean the glass and the bottom has the self cleaning glass product itself. Each sachet cleans and seals 1 square meter, or 11 square feet and is available right here at our glass coating shop.

Turn your ordinary glass in to Self-Cleaning Glass

Apply a self-cleaning glass coating to any glass and transform it. Use the new BalcoNano sachets to create a hard resistant protective surface and reduce maintenance  Use the BalcoNano sachets on your glass windows, shower glass, externally on the windscreen of your car or in fact on any glass or silica based product.    

Please avoid surface contact with water within 10min after coating process Streak residues can be removed through polishing with a dry cloth Do not use at ambient temperature above 50°C and below 5°C Do not use at high air humidity (e.g. foggy, rainy)  It is important to read carefully the instructions and follow them to correctly achieve a desirable result. 

Technical Safety Data Sheet for "Cleaner" Technical Safety Data Sheet for "Coating"

How self cleaning glass works​

Application instructions

Self cleaning glass frequently asked questions

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