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Glass balcony systems are now hugely popular! What is all the fuss about? What is wrong with traditional wrought iron railings?

Glass balcony systems have gained immense popularity, but what makes them so appealing? Are traditional wrought iron railings losing their charm? Balconette, the leading provider of glass balcony systems, sheds light on these questions and discusses their unique Hybrid® system that meets all the requirements.

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Why are glass balconies in high demand?

According to Mr. Effi Wolff, Marketing Director of Balconette, glass has emerged as the perfect material for balconies. It possesses the strength to withstand impacts and stresses while adding aesthetic value. Glass also seamlessly complements various other materials.

anodised aluminium railing

Is glass superior to wrought iron railings?

Mr. Wolff admits his bias towards glass balconies. While traditional wrought iron railings may suit certain properties, glass balconies offer a cleaner and more modern look, avoiding the "cage-like" appearance associated with metalwork.

Are there different options within the glass balcony category?

Absolutely. The market offers a wide range of products, suppliers, and systems.

To simplify, we can categorize glass balconies into three types:

  1. Structural Glass systems: These systems use thick glass without vertical metal posts. The glass itself acts as the structural member, offering a sleek and post-free design.
  2. Posted systems: This type of glass balcony employs "glass clamps" or "lugs" to secure the glass panels. It typically includes vertical posts every meter or so and at the corners.
  3. Balconette's unique Hybrid® system: This proprietary system stands out from the rest. It allows for minimal or no vertical supports, and when present, they are sleek and free of cumbersome clamps or lugs.

What exactly is "Structural Glass"?

Structural Glass refers to the use of glass as the main structural element. The glass serves as both a panel and a load-bearing member, supporting the weight, people, wind, and pressure. It is fixed inside a channel or clamped at the bottom, eliminating the need for vertical posts. However, this approach can exert significant stress on the structure and tends to be more expensive than other systems. Check out the pictures of Structural Glass Balustrades we supplied to a project in Jersey, showcasing the absence of vertical posts.

structural glass balustrades project     structural glass project in jersey

Doesn't the Hybrid® system resemble structural glass?

Indeed, in certain cases, our Hybrid® glass balustrades do not require any posts, giving them a similar appearance to frameless glass balustrades.

Why would you recommend your glass balustrade product over structural glass?

Apart from my professional commitment, customer feedback has shown that our system offers a more cost-effective solution compared to structural glass while achieving a similar end result. Maintenance and future glass panel replacement are also simpler with the Balconette balustrade system. Here are some pictures of Balcony system Glass Balustrades we supplied to a project in Bognor Regis, demonstrating the absence of vertical posts and the use of 10mm glass.

glass balustrades project in bognor     balustrades in bognor project

Can you provide market price estimates for the three categories mentioned?

Based on my experience, here are approximate prices per linear metre:

• Traditional "posted" system with 10mm clear toughened glass: These vary widely from cheap systems produced in the far east (under £200 a metre) to very expensive high grade stainless systems that can range £600-700 in stainless steel.

• Structural glass balustrade system with 21.5mm clear toughened glass: £346 - 379.

• Balconette's Hybrid® Aerofoil system glass balustrade with 10mm clear toughened glass: starting at £263.

Does weight play a role in choosing a system? Can you provide weight estimates for the three categories?

Weight is often a crucial factor, particularly for balconies that are cantilevered from the structure. The weight determines the "reaction load" on the balcony structure, and more weight necessitates stronger support. Here are weight estimates for the three categories:

• Traditional "posted" system with 10mm clear toughened glass: approximately 40-50 kg per meter.

• Structural glass balustrade system with 15mm clear toughened glass: approximately 70-80 kg per meter (weight may increase depending on the clamping method used; frameless options require a minimum of 21.5mm laminated glass, weighing over 100kg per meter).

• Balconette's proprietary glass balustrade with 10mm clear toughened glass: approximately 30 kg per meter.

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In summary, regardless of the chosen system, a "glass balcony" essentially transforms a regular balcony into an elegant space with a glass balustrade. We believe in transparency, and you can explore our dynamic online shop to discover how affordable a glass balcony can be. Visit:

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