False, Faux or Juliet Balcony?

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Investing in home improvements is an exciting but potentially confusing endeavour. Juliet balconies are a prime example. While they're most commonly referred to as Juliet balconies (sometimes spelled as 'Juliette' balconies), they also go by the names of false balconies or faux balconies. Are all these terms interchangeable? How can you be certain you're selecting the right option for your property?

Frameless Juliet Balcony

Are false, faux and Juliet balconies the same?

The simple answer here is yes. False balconies, faux balconies and Juliet balconies are just different names for the same thing.

What is a Juliet balcony?

The name ‘Juliet’ balcony stems from the famous scene in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet where the young lovers declare their love for one another. 

A modern Juliet, false or faux balcony is a safety barrier fitted around a full-length external door or window at the upper level of a property. They do not have a platform on which to stand or sit, instead these balconies are attached to the wall and let you fully open your door or window and stay safe. If sitting or standing on your balcony is important to you, you will need to install a traditional balcony system instead.

What are the benefits of a false balcony?

Here are the three main benefits of adding a false, faux, or Juliet balcony to a property:


  1. They introduce extra light into a room, enhancing the sense of space. Adding a false balcony is an elegant solution to make even small rooms feel more spacious.
  2. They merge the outdoors with the indoors, allowing you to enjoy beautiful views more easily. This is why false balconies are particularly popular in upper floor apartments without access to a garden. They also provide a luxurious addition to living rooms in 'upside-down' properties.
  3. They are easier to install compared to traditional balconies, involve fewer planning hurdles, and are generally more budget-friendly. Keep in mind that each local authority may have different regulations; it's advisable to check with your local planning department to determine whether fitting a false balcony requires planning permission or falls under permitted development.

Orbit Juliet Balcony Aerofoil Juliet Balconies

What are the benefits of a glass Juliet balcony?

Choosing a Juliet balcony made of glass allows you to maximize the benefits of additional light and a sense of spaciousness. This is because, instead of being obstructed, you enjoy an unobstructed view without railings. opt for a frameless Juliet balcony, and you won't even see a handrail – just crystal-clear glass that allows light to flood into your room.

A glass false balcony can provide a heightened sense of security compared to metal railings. There are no gaps for pets to squeeze through or for children to lose their favourite toys. Everyone and everything are safely enclosed thanks to the toughened safety glass barrier.

Glass faux balconies are low maintenance. While metal requires regular upkeep to remain in good condition, a glass Juliet balcony only needs an occasional window cleaning to keep it looking its best. Even better, this is something your existing window cleaner can assist with.

Aerofoil Juliet Balcony

Why choose a Juliet balcony from Balconette?

Selecting a false, faux, or Juliet balcony from Balconette ensures you have a balcony that:

  • Is straightforward to install, with easy-to-follow instructions and standard customer support.
  • Comes with transparent and fair pricing. Visit our pricing page for an instant quote.
  • Can be easily ordered on our website or through our Sales Team.
  • Is manufactured in the UK.
  • Is crafted with toughened glass that exceeds British Safety Standards.
  • Features handrails, bottom rails, or side profiles made of anodized aluminum that won't rust, corrode, or deteriorate, even in harsh coastal locations.
  • Is backed by a 10-year guarantee on paint finishes, anodizing, and structural integrity.
  • Comes in a choice of Frameless and Hybrid® system designs to suit all building types.
  • Is available in a range of Fast-track sizes (manufactured in 5 working days) or as a custom-made design to accommodate unique configurations.
  • Is easy to care for.
  • Offers the option of our proprietary self-cleaning coating – BalcoNano® – for even easier maintenance.

Want to know more?

You can learn more about our range of Juliet, false and faux balconies here, together with information about our prices, sizes, and glass and handrail options.

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