How do we package and deliver your Juliet Balcony Handrails?

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So, how the heck do we package the aluminium handrails, base-rails and glass for our state-of-the-art Juliet Balconies: Aerofoil, Orbit and Orbit Mirror? It’s something that customers naturally wonder when so excited by the sheer dimensions of glass real estate and metres of anodised aluminium that they have purchased to open up the views from their upper floor. Surely the panels of bright and stylish glass are precious and fragile, yes? Well yes… true to an extent but we use toughened glass and package it painstakingly so that your new Juliet balcony arrives fresh and sparkling proudly off the van from our manufacturing plant in Surrey.

Aluminium handrails and base-rails are carefully selected and cut from longer sections – precisely to the dimensions specified when you ordered. When our technicians are happy that the profiles are sound and free of cosmetic blemishes they are cleaned and polished to a high sheen finish. We then apply the Hybrid® brand mark to each handrail which denotes our craftsmanship of a rail that is elegant in enhancing your view, comfortable to lean on from your window, structurally supports the glass panels and anchors the Juliet firmly to your external wall.

Packaging Juliet Handrails Aerofoil Juliet Balconies

The handrails and base-rails are carefully protected with lightweight, rigid supports and packaged inside long durable, recycled cardboard containers to encompass the exact engineered lengths, primed and ready for installation.

A bag containing all the necessary glazing beads, packers and accessories is added to the box and then the lengths of rubber gasket to support the glass are precisely measured, hand-cut and neatly rolled-up and wrapped for the delivery package.

Package and Deliver a Juliet Balcony Handrail

Time is taken at each stage of the packaging process to ensure that the correct parts and elements are examined for quality and quantity – you wouldn’t want to unbox one of our Juliets and find a vital component missing so, even a plastic packer is accounted for in our quality control process before dispatch. Neither would you want to receive a handrail with noticeable scratches or blemishes, so the highly skilled team at our factory cast a discerning eye over all the profiles to confirm that they maintain our enviable standards.

Wooden end caps are firmly screwed into place at each end of the railing package. They add structural rigidity to the long box supporting the system, providing a strong barrier to prevent the handrail elements from sliding around in transit and spilling the contents before delivery. We write product dimensions and the Balconette Order Number on each end cap and staple and screw the finished package together securely, ensuring that it meets quality benchmarks for dispatch and delivery or collection. One of our team then finally lays down the boxed order for collection with the finesse of a vintner laying down a freshly bottled wine in its rack – no kidding!

Packaging a Juliet Balcony Handrail

So, when you receive your Juliet from us, you know that it has been on a journey of devotion, care and attention to detail from manufacture to arrival on your doorstep. We package each handrail system with the knowledge that it will provide years of fantastic, reliable usage in tandem with our stunning glass panels and operate as a system that will revolutionise your interaction with the natural world beyond.

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