Frameless Juliet Balcony in Shropshire

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James & Jane Letts - Shropshire

We like the freedom of the view from our Balconette Juliet balcony

For James Letts and his wife Jane it is the ‘freedom of the view’ that they like best about their Balconette Frameless Juliet balcony overlooking their garden at their newbuild home near Market Drayton, Shropshire.

The 1,860mm Frameless Juliet uses Royal Chrome anodised support profiles for its single 21.5mm laminated toughened clear glass panel. It protects first-floor French Doors in their bedroom that has extensive views to the Shropshire countryside and Welsh hills in the far distance.

Frameless Juliet Balcony

Having researched Juliet balcony options on the internet, James selected Balconette from several companies he compared because ‘I liked the look and feel of the frameless balcony on their website’.

“Juliet Balconies are an investment,” he explains. “So, I looked at several elements. The first was design; it was important for us not to have impaired vision to the outside. Secondly, it was safety, so it had to be ‘grandchildren-proof’. Then there was vision, it had to be the right height and dimensions which would serve its purpose.”

On their choice of Juliet balcony versus a full external balcony, James believes the Frameless Juliet is ‘the best of both worlds’, saying: “It is less complicated, framing the view without the need for supporting posts and was fitted in a couple of hours by the housebuilders.”

Juliet Balcony

Ordering was a straightforward process, as James points out: “Balconette’s website is very intuitive, and the options were clear as to which balcony you wanted to order. There is a good calculator to help you work out the balcony size to fit the side profiles that fix the glass to the wall. Payment was easy, plus feedback afterwards was good on expected delivery times.”

He can vouch for the effectiveness of Balconette’s BalcoNano® self-cleaning glass coating that protects the glass and keeps it cleaner by repelling mineral deposits and rainwater faster. “It works and the glass stays clean, which impressed me. We haven’t cleaned it once since it was fitted in August 2020.”

Frameless Glass Balcony

What the couple like best about their Balconette Juliet balcony is the ‘freedom of the view’. “Waking up, especially on a sunny morning, and seeing the view, it is the wow factor,” adds James. “The grandchildren love it as well; they think it is brilliant. The first thing they did was run up, open the doors and think ‘oh, there’s an invisible barrier!

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