Please note that due to a refocusing of business priorities and expansion of our balustrade business we no longer manufacture curved sliding doors (the Curvaglide® range).
We continue to offer support to previous buyers of our doors, and all documentation and installation guides are available in the pages linked here.
For our existing Curved Door clients, should you need to contact us, please call 01342 410411, or email quoting your order details, and we will be back in touch.

What is the Minimum Radius You Can Have in Your Curved Glass Sliding Doors? 

Curved Glass Patio Doors - Minimum Radius

The minimum radius we recommend for the curved doors is 2500mm (2.5m) to the inside of the rails. We can actually manufacture to a minimum of approximately 1600mm; however, radii that are smaller than 2500mm affect the smoothness of the operation on the curve and can make the doors too tight.

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