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To provide assistance with the installation of our glass sliding curved doors, here are some of the questions most commonly asked.

What is the U value of the glass supplied with your curved doors? 

We supply 28mm double glazing in our doors, with an option of three glass U values; 1.7 W/m2K, 1.5 W/m2K and 1.0 W/m2K

Is the glass used in the doors toughened safety glass? 

Yes, the glass supplied our sliding curved doors is toughened safety glass on both sides of the double glazing.

What does U value mean?

A U value is a measure of heat loss in a building element such as a window, door, wall, floor or roof. It measures how well parts of a building transfer heat. The higher the U value the worse the thermal performance of that element, and the lower the number the better insulating properties that element provides. The units are measured in thermal conductivity and designated in Watts per square metre required to change one degree centigrade (or Kelvin). May sound a bit technical but try to imagine it like how much heat is required (or you lose) to the outside of your door/window. The higher the number the more energy you are losing….

What does LowE glass mean?

Low emissivity glass. Emissivity refers to heat getting out. Low-emissivity means not much heat can escape through the double glazing and is a good thing.

What is the minimum radius you can have in your sliding curved doors?

The minimum radius we can manufacture the curved doors to is 2500mm to the inside of the rails. We do not recommend smaller radii as this makes the doors too tight.

What is the maximum height you can make your sliding curved doors?  

We do not recommend making them over a height of 2600mm.

Is there a limit to the glass size of double glazed curved glass?

Yes, 2500mm in the curved length and 3000mm in height

What size of sliding curved door panel do you recommend?

We recommend that a sliding door be a maximum of 1750mm in curved length. This is the ideal length for good movement of the doors.

Can the bottom rail be recessed in the floor?

There is an option to have the bottom rail sit flush with the inside of the internal floor. This can be with a step down to the outside, or built flush with the outside too, but drainage needs to be provided on the outside

Are the sliding curved doors secure and lockable?

Yes, all doors are supplied with a multi-point locking mechanism and are very secure.

Are your sliding curved doors supplied with a trickle vent?

No, it is not possible to supply a trickle vent on curved frames and so we do not supply these on the doors.

Do you provide a curved sill to the doors?

We do not normally provide a sill, however if required we can provide one at an extra cost.

Do you install the sliding curved doors, and how easy are they to install?

We certainly can provide installation, please ask for a price. Installation however can be easily done by any experienced installer of double glazing doors and windows. There are some pointers however we provide for the installation of our curved doors and windows but it is almost the same as a straight door installation. We have some instructional documents and also some installation animations 

Is there a limit to the size or length a curved door set can be made?

There are several options of models and further combinations that can be made between fixed and sliding elements, and so very large openings can be made using a combination of sliding and fixed panes all in one set of doors. We have made door sets as large as 13 metres long. Please contact us with your requirements and we can advise on the best options for you.

What colour options are available on the doors and can you make dual colours?

(Different colour on the inside and outside) We use the RAL colour codes and most standard RAL colours are available but not all. We can certainly make the doors in dual colour option. This however is dearer.

What is the lead time on curved glass doors?

The lead time is 90-120 days, once the drawings are signed off.

We want to be sure that every question asked about our sliding curved doors is fully answered. So if you can’t find an answer here, then please contact us.


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