Milano Vertical Railings (Metal Railings) - Tech Specs

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Milano Railing System - Technical Materials Specification

Balustrade and base structure:

  • 6063 T5 & 6063 T6 extruded aluminium profiles

Powder Coating or Anodising:

Colour options available for Hybrid Systems (Orbit & Aerofoil)

  • 15 micron high-quality anodising in Matt Silver, Matt Bronze or "Royal Chrome" finish
  • 60-100 micron Polyester powder coating in white colour
  • 60-100 micron Polyester powder coating in RAL colour options available for large projects only.

Vertical Posts & Mounting Brackets

  • 6063 T5 extruded aluminium profiles

Design Criteria

Permitted Loading:

Loading is taken from Table 2 of BS 6180:2011 Barriers in and about buildings – Code of practice

A copy of this table can viewed here: Table 2 Minimum horizontal imposed loads for parapets, barriers and balustrades.

Residential (Covers occupancy types i, ii, ii, iv, v, viii & ix shown in Table 2 above)

  • Horizontal uniformly distributed line load (at 1.1m handrail height) - 0.74 kN/m
  • Uniformly distributed load applied to the infill - 1.0 kN/m2
  • A point load applied to part of the infill - 0.5 kN

Structural Calculations

The Structural calculation below includes the calculations for both surface mounted and side mounted options.

glass balustrades structural calculation

Milano Vertical railings Structural Calculations


Milano vertical railings - surface mounted

Picture above: Surface mounted Milano railing system

Milano vertical railings - side mounted

Picture above: Side mounted Milano railing system