Make space for friends

Make space for friends

Curved Glass Patio Doors

Create space for people - open up with Curvaglide® doors.

Curved glass patio doors are an architectural statement with no substitute. From smooth running tracks (our own Curvaglide® system) and close-fit seals, to perfectly curved glass, every set is built to precisely match your facade. Balconette curved glass doors feature in award-winning public buildings (such as the Tate St. Ives) and many private residences.



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W2 - 2 Doors Sliding

Curved Glass Sliding Doors - W2



W2F - 2 Doors One Sliding One Fixed

Curved Glass Sliding Doors - W2F



W3F - 3 Doors Two Sliding One Fixed

Curved Glass Sliding Doors - W3F



W3-2F - 3 Doors, One sliding, two fixed

Curved Glass Sliding Doors - W3-2F



W4 - 4 Doors Sliding on two rails

Curved Glass Sliding Doors - W4



W4F - 4 Doors Two Sliding Two Fixed

Curved Glass Sliding Doors - W4F



W6F - 6 Doors Four Sliding Two Fixed

Curved Glass Sliding Doors - W6F



W6-4F - 6 Doors, 2 Sliding and Four are fixed

Curved Glass Sliding Doors - W6-4F



W8-4F - 8 Doors, 4 Sliding, 4 Fixed

Curved Glass Sliding Doors - W8-4F



W8-6F - 8 Doors, 2 Sliding, 6 Fixed

Curved Glass Sliding Doors - W8-6F



Balconette are one of a very small number of manufacturers internationally. Having supplied hundreds of sets we can confirm that they make a profound statement to any project or home.

We work closely with professionals, specifiers and architects and can supply in depth technical details and CAD drawings, and recommend a consultation at an early stage.

For an instant online quote please chose configuration above - you will be prompted to enter your dimensions and details. You will see the quote on the screen and a copy will be emailed to you.

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Key advantages:

  • High weather rating
  • Thermally broken sections
  • Multipoint locking mechanism
  • 28 mm double glazing
  • Toughened safety glass on both sides
  • Low E-glass standard
  • Self-cleaning glass option

The Curvaglide® system

Outward or inward curving, Balconette’s Curvaglide® range of curved glass sliding doors add the instant ‘Wow’ factor to any property. Suitable for installation in existing buildings or included in new homes or extensions, they are as practical as they are beautiful.


Heat Loss reduction

Curved sliding doors have become available and affordable thanks to advances in technology in the manufacture of curved double glazed glass. These advances bring a whole new perspective and many new options to home or office design.

Technical and Customer support

We take exceptional care and attention to detail in the design, manufacture and supply of our curved patio doors and curved sliding door systems. Our second-to-none technical support and customer service has established Balcony Systems as a worldwide supplier of bespoke curved glass door assemblies.

The curved sliding door systems come in a variety of configurations, from two sliding curved doors (W2) up to a six door configuration (W6-F) that allows approximately two thirds of the opening to remain free.

All curved sliding glass doors are available in thermally insulated aluminium sections. The curved glass sliding doors can be supplied with Low-E glass for better thermal efficiency. The double glazing is up to 28mm thick, with glass that is toughened on both sides for safety and each curved sliding door comes with a multi-point locking mechanism.

Balcony Systems can supply the doors with a low maintenance protective BalcoNano coating to reduce the frequency of cleaning required, leave the glass looking newer for longer and improve its impact strength.

More details

For more thorough information on our full range of curved sliding door systems and the dedicated technical support we provide our customers please follow these links:

Combining state-of-the art technology with superb customer service and technical support we are second-to-none in making the design and installation of curved sliding doors a stress-free undertaking.

We also create bespoke curved windows and curved glass for doors, windows and balustrades.

We are here to help if you need more information about our curved sliding doors: simply contact us here.